Monday, 18 August 2014

Worst week turns out to be a great week.

Monday 11/8/14 me and my dad was surfing Wurtulla in the morning and I was taking my wetsuit off and half of my knee cap got caught on my foot and made a big hole.  The funny thing is that my mum said she will fix it with liquid nails.

Thursday 14/8/14 I was surfing Moffat beach on the low the tide and was having a lot of fun until I heard something under my board so I checked and saw my fin hanging on the side. But I have a friend that might have a spare fin. But at the moment my dad bought me some hand made fins.

Sunday18/8/14 I  went surfing at the kings beach groyne and was catching epic waves until I wiped out with a board in my eye and went to Hospital. and this me waiting fir the specialists. And had scratches all over the cornea and said I should have the week off with pain killers and Antibiotics.

But in the end I realised how lucky I am to live in Australia with all the hospitals and doctors and how kids in other Countries that are at war like Gaza and Syria are suffering on pain so after all my bad week was not bad in the big scale of bad weeks.


  1. Wow Zac you sure had a full-on week!!! Your talent and love for surfing will have you out there catching some waves soon, in the meantime take things easy and rest that eye ;-)

    1. Thanks Heilala I'm recovering well and feel free to bring Maximo by to say hi.

  2. OH MY!!!
    i hope u r ok beacuse who else would teach me how to surf when i move back.

    xoxo lori

    1. Thanks Lorena I'm ok I can't wait until you come back.

  3. thx. I cant wait either, and Im am happy that u r ok :)

    i cant believe that we have been friends for so long that it has been 10 or 11 years hahaha although im happy for that