Friday, 14 June 2013

Climbing and three sixty

Friday 14th of June:
On Friday Albert and Silvia and I went climbing to a mountain, look at how much equipment we needed.
This is a picture of me with the equipment.
We started from a river and climbed 200 meters or more from bottom to top.
this is a picture of me climbing a quarter way through the mountain.
at the end we went to 360 extrem and most of the time I was free styling.
I learnt how to do a super man front flip a double front flip and back flip off a high platform and from a trampoline in to a foam pit  this is a picture of me doing a backflip.
Then I practiced with the skateboard


  1. WOW, that is a lot of equipment you had to use. from Alex O'Brien.

    1. Hi Alex, that was the equipment for the 3 of us

  2. Hi again Zac! We are all looking at your blog right now - the kids are all amazed at the fantastic activities - very extreme. We can tell that you are really enjoying yourself, and we can't wait to hear all your stories. Tomorrow we start our holidays so we hope that you travel home very safely. Take care,
    Mrs D & 4Y

  3. U R CRAZY. u dont ride a skate board on a (what ever u were on) but it looked like fun.

    1. Thanks Lorena it was really fun at 360 Extrem I wish we had one in the Sunshine Coast
      PS that was a ramp to a foam pit :-)

    2. yes and if we did u would be teaching me alot of things