Friday, 7 June 2013

Cold surf in Pantín

Today I went to Pantín in the Atlantic ocean to go for a surf. There were plenty of waves. I just stood  there and watched ten people surf. The surf looked very small  but it was very big like bigger than the people out there. 
The water was  freezing cold so I came in about five times to get warm
This is a picture of me coming in from the surf. Zane was happy to see me. 


  1. Hello Zac!!
    Finally surfing in spain, you look very good.

    Ana: la Regi i el seu fill han escrit al blog, pero no s'els publica res, que han de fer? sou a Andorra oi?

  2. Hi Surfer Zac. The local surfers must have been wondering who the new grommie was surfing their break. Love the photo with Zane in it.